OFL Ties Featured Live In Leigh Leopards' Challenge Cup Victory

Did you catch the recent Challenge Cup Final at Wembley Stadium? It was a match for the ages. In a stunning 17-16 victory, the Leigh Leopards secured their first title in 52 years, defeating Hull KR in an extraordinary golden-point thriller.

But amidst the historic battle, the strategy and sweat of one of rugby's most awaited matches, a subtle yet poignant detail stood out sharply—the impeccable style of the Leopards' coaching staff. More specifically, their choice of attire: the Amur Leopard necktie and pocket square sets from OFL.

The Leopards weren't making a random fashion choice; it was a statement. As the coaches guided their team through nail-biting engagement, their ties were a silent yet resounding signal of unity, poise, and authority.

In short: "we're the leopards, and we're here to win." Here at OFL, we were thrilled to be a part of the action. To supply the ties and pocket squares that marked the team out from the rest. And what a game to be a part of!

From the very start, this match was epic. Leigh's Lachlan Lam had responded to an early setback with an impressive solo try, setting the tone for a contest that seemed impossible to predict. Even when Hull KR struck back, the Leopards' resolve never wavered. The coaching staff, in the sharp and meticulously selected Amur Leopard neckties, remained the stalwart generals in this battle: calm, collected, and focused – like the leopard moving in for the kill.

As the match swung back and forth, neither side relenting, lesser teams would have buckled. It wasn't until Matt Marcell's late try pushed the game to a gold point that the atmosphere electrified. The tension, palpable. And as Lachlan Lam kicked the winning drop-goal for Leigh, it was clear that this victory was more than just skill and strategy. It was about the mentality of the coaching staff and its players. The same unified mentality was on full display in their fashion choices.

For there's one thing to win, there's another to do it in style. And as John Asiata and head coach Adrian Lam lifted the trophy, the former in his leopard kit, the latter in his leopard tie, it was as an immense moment for us as it was for them. We're so grateful and proud that we got to share in the celebrations! Next time, we can't wait to see the players don the same impeccable ties!

Who is OFL?

Enamoured with the Amur leopard necktie? You're not alone. Forget high fashion or the latest fad; OFL doesn't believe in chasing trends; we believe in timeless style. We believe a man who's suited and booted (with a necktie and pocket square to match) is ready for anything. To paraphrase Tommy Shelby, "Get you necktie, lad. We're going to the races."

But we're more than that.

Picture this: a sleek necktie adorned with the piercing gaze of a Siberian tiger or a pocket square flaunting the icy allure of a snow leopard. There's no greater style than these majestic creatures. Our animal print neckties and pocket squares feature some of the world's legendary endangered animals, including southern rockhopper penguins, orcas, black rhinos, lions, and, of course, the Amur leopard.

Beyond ties and pocket squares, our elegant collection expands to tie bars and braces – a complete suite for the modern gentleman with a vintage soul.

But we're not just honouring these animals' effortless grace. We're also trying to help animals everywhere, one purchase at a time. Taking a page from the playbook of businesses that drive change, we donate 10% of all profits to WWF-UK, partnering with Work for Good to combat the pressing issue of wildlife conservation.

That's right – the Leopards weren't just showing off their spots during the recent clash; they were also supporting the preservation of their mascot. Because it's not good enough just to pay lip service; real style comes from action.

Alongside our charitable donations, we also believe in customer support. We've earned an impressive 4.9 Trustpilot rating, a clear demonstration that our commitment to quality and animal welfare resonates with our customers.

Preserving the Amur Leopard

Think of the leopard, and you picture the wide-open Savannah of Africa. But the creature the Leigh Leopard's coaching staff chose to support is an endangered species native to the Primorye region of southeastern Russia and northern China. The Amur Leopard, also known as the East Leopard or the Manchurian Leopard, is one of the world's most endangered big cats. With an estimated 90 individuals remaining in the wild, the situation for these magnificent creatures is dire.

Just like Leopards on the field, the Amur leopard is a creature of speed. It can achieve speeds of up to 37 miles per hour and has been reported to leap more than 19 feet horizontally and up to 10 feet vertically. Truly an inspiring mascot!

As elusive and secretive as they are striking, the Amur Leopards are known for their distinctive, spotted coats, a feature we've aimed to capture with elegance and reverence in our necktie and pocket square designs. For every piece sold from this collection, we directly contribute to the fight to save this species and others like it from extinction.

Join us in supporting our sporting heroes and helping us preserve and restore the natural world. Once again, congratulations to the triumphant Leigh Leopards team and their coaching staff for their first Wembley win in 52 years! Let's work together to ensure that in another 52 years, the Amur leopard is still around to see it.

Defend wildlife, define style!

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